Directions (1 – 5): In each following sentence, a phrase is given in bold. Below that sentence are four options having a phrase of which you have to choose one to substitute the phrase given in bold if you think it should be replaced.

  1. His speech was optimistic, but at the end of it he strokes a note of caution.

(a). struck a note of caution

(b). striked a note of caution

(c). strike a note of caution

(d). stricken a note of caution

(e). No correction required.


  1. Please do not give him any food if his temperature will rise.

(a). if his temperature rose

(b). unless his temperature rises

(c). if his temperature rises.

(d). because his temperature will rises.

(e). No correction required.


3.I did not like his comments on my paper but I had no alternative as I have agreed to keep quiet.

(a). I have to agree for keeping quiet.

(b). I have to agree to keep quiet.

(c). I had agreed to keep quiet

(d). I had to agree to keeping quiet.

(e). No correction required.


4. I am glad to hear that you narrowly escaped being run over by a speeding car yesterday.

(a). being over run by

(b). by being run over by

(c). run down over by

(d). to run over by

(e). No correction required.


5. It is with a heavy heart that I pen these few lines to condole for you on the death of your beloved mother.

(a). condole with you on

(b). condole with you in

(c). condole over you on

(d) condole alongside you

(e). No correction required.




1. (a) Since the first clause is in the past tense, the second clause should generally follow it. The past form of the verb strike, that is an irregular verb, is ‘struck’. And the past participle form is ‘stricken’.

2.  (c) In English it is not an acceptable way to use will and in these structures generally the simple present indefinite form of the sentence is used.

3.  (c) As the preceding clauses are in past tense this too would be in past. And here ‘had’ is the simple past of the auxiliary ‘have’.

4.  (e)

5.  (a) You always condole on; with or without anyone.


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