1. Who prepared the first map of Hindustan on?


(a). Robert Clive


(b). Prince Arthux


(c ). James Mill


(d). James Rennel



  1. Who was the first Governor- general of British India ?


(a). Robert Clive

(b). Cornwallis

(c ).   Warren Hastings

(d). Dalhousic

  1. james mill divided Indian History into how mant parts?

(a). Four

(b). Three

(c ). Two

(d). Five

  1. Chose the correct statement.


(a). mill thought that all Asian societies where at a lower level of cilivilisation than Europe.

(b). Mill felt that British rule can civilize India.

(c ). Choose the correct opyions

  • Only a
  • Only b
  • None
  • Both


  1. The British believed that a country had to be properly known before it can be effectively administrated


(a). True

(b). False


  1. The first country which enter India for trade?


(a). French

(b). Dutch

(c ). English

(d). Portuguese


  1. First English factory was setup on banks of which river?


(a). Kaveri

(b). Ganga

(c ). Penna

(d). Hugli


  1. Choose the correct statements


  1. After Aurangzeb there was no powerful Mughal rules
  2. Mughal emperors also least their importance, after Aurangzeb death.


(a). only  i

(b). only ii

(c ). Both

(d). None


  1. What was the first major victory the company won in India?

(a). Battle of Baxer

(b). Battle of Plessey

(c ). Battle of Serigangapatam

(d). Battle of Panipath


  1. Which of the following was Not the Precedency?


(a). Bengal

(b). Bombay

(c ). Kalikata

(d). Madras


  1. In which year did Robert clive committed suicide?


(a). 1774

(b). 1743

(c ). 1780

(d). 1745


  1. Rani Channamma was the ruler of?


(a). Delhi

(b). Jhansi

(c ). Kitoor

(d). Bengal


  1. How many wars fought by Mysore?


(a).  two

(b). one

(c ). Five

(d). four


  1. The third battle of Panipat was fought in the year ?



(a). 1767

(b). 1761

(c ). 1799

(d). 1780


  1. The Khonds lived in?



(a). Bihar

(b). Jaipur

(c ). Odisha

(d). Punjab


  1. Santhsals tribe rose in revolt in the year.


(a). 1854


(b). 1799

(c ). 1852

(d). 1885


17 where did the ‘indgo production’ shifted after collapsing form Bengal?


(a). Punjab

(b). Assam

(c ). Bihar

(d). Satara

  1. when did the Mughal emperor appointed the east India company as the Diwan of Bengal?


(a). 12 Auguest 1765

(b). 13 Auguest 1765

(c ). 12 Auguest 1766

(d). 13 Auguest 1767


  1. A flower which is used to make alcohol.


(a). Mahua

(b). Bewar

(c ). Sal

(d). Dika

  1. Birsa was born in a family of santhal.


(a). True

(b). False






  1. (d)
  2. (c )
  3. (b)
  4. (d)
  5. (a)
  6. (d)
  7. (d)
  8. (d)
  9. (b)
  10. (c )
  11. (a)
  12. (c )
  13. (d)
  14. (b)
  15. (c )
  16. (d)
  17. (c )
  18. (a )
  19. (a)
  20. (b)