1. (A). Match the following


  1. Great Mughals                     (a). Raja Todar mal

      II.    Bundelkhand                   (b). Krishna Dev Roy

        III.     Diwan+chif                        (c ). Semiautonomous

                                                        Kingdom under Mughals

         iv . Layer Mughals                    (d). Mughal monarch from B

                                                        To Akbar

     V.       Vijaynager kingdom       (e). Mughals who ruled India

                                                          After Aurangzeb

      VI.       Domes                             (f). Shah Jahan

     vii.   Fatehpur Sikri                   (g). were provided over


viii.  Shah-Nama                                     (h). Konark


    ix    Sun tample                                   (I). A prayer hall

        x.     Mihrab                                             (j). Akbar                                                                                                                                                                                     

  1. (B). Fill In THE BLANKS.
  2. Humayun reestablished Mughal rule in ———-
  3. Mumtaz Mahal was wife of ———–.
  4. there were in all ——— mughal rules until ——-
  5. ———— was the successor of Akbar
  6. bahamani kingdom had been founded in—– by——- an afghan ——seving in the Sultanate army.
  7. Mughal gardens were developed at————.——-, ——–.
  8. The Qutab Minar and Quwat-ul-Islam both represented ————— power of India


  1. The havelis were constructed by the ——- and ——- people in north India.
  2. Shah Jahan had been imprisoned by his son Aurangzeb at————– Agra Fort.
  3. A prayer hall oriented towards Mecca called——–.




Answers: (a).  i. (d)

                         II.     (c ) 

                         III.     (a) 

                         IV.      (e)

                          V.      (b) 

                           VI.   (g)

                          VII.    (f)

                          VIII.      (j)

                            IX.     (h)

                            X.              (l)

(B). 1. 1530

  1. Shah Jahan
  2. strong, 1707
  3. Bairamkhan
  4. 1337, Bahmandh, ruler
  5. Agra, Delhi, shimla
  6. Muslim
  7. Brick, urban
  8. Mussaman Burj
  9. Mihrab