1. Sustainable agriculture involves.

(a). intercropping

(b). mixed cropping

(c ). Crop rotations

(d). all of these

  1. Which is not cereal crop?

(a). wheat

(b). millet

(c ). Mango

(d). maize

  1. The branch of agriculture dealing with rearing and management of crop plant is called.

(a). apiculture

(b). horticulture

(c ). Olericulture

(d). agronomy


  1. High yielding varieties need.

(a). low moisture

(b). higher dose of fertilizer

(c ). more irrigation

(d). higher temperature


  1. Which is the following is not an oilseed crop?

(a). sunflower

(b). sesame

(c ). Pigeon pea

(d). linseed


  1. Legume crop is sown before a cereal crop to

(a). to maintain soil fertility

(b). to improve the crop variety

(c ). To have two crops in a year

(d). all of these

  1. The wheat varieties that brought   green revolution were.

(a) Tall and short duration

(b). dwarf and long duration

(c ). Tall and disease resistant

(d). dwarf and disease resistant

  1. Which animal is used for preparing vermicompost?

(a). mollusks

(b). earthworms

(c ). Protozoa

(d). insects


  1. Cereal plant like wheat, rice, maize , and barley are rich in

(a). minerals

(b). carbohydrates

(c ). Fats

(d). proteins

  1. The objective of crop varietal improvement is

(a). to develop stress resistance variety

(b). to improve crop quality

(c ). To increase crop yield

(d). all of  these









  1. (d)
  2. (c )
  3. (d)
  4. (b)
  5. (c )
  6. (a)
  7. (a)
  8. (b)
  9. (b)
  10. (d)