Indian History & Culture (MCQs)

  1. Moti Masjid in the Red Fort, Delhi was constructured by.

(a). Aurangzab

(b). Shearsha

(c ). Bahadursha Zafar

(d). Shahjahan


  1. Who introduced the Principle of Docetrine of Lapse?

(a). Cornwallis

(b). Hasting

(c ). Clive

(d). Dalhousie

  1. Which one of the following works deals with the history Kashmir?


(a). Harshachanta

(b). Rajatarangini

(c). Vikramankadevachrita

(d). Gaudavaha

  1. Ashok’s Dhamma represented

(a). the principles of all Bahmanism

(b). the principles of Buddhism

(c ). The principle of all regions

(d). A new regions

  1. The first city Sirf was built by.

(a). Ala-ud-Din Khalji

(b). Iltutmish

(c ). Jalal-ud Din Khalji

(d). Mohmad Bin Tughlaq

  1. What one of the following rules laid the foundation of a town where the modern city of Agra stands?

(a). Shahjahan

(b). Mohamad Bin tughlaq

(c ). Sikandar  Lodi

(d). Akbar

  1. The ancient text of Arthashastra primarily deals with

(a). Polity

(b). Philosophy

(c ). Religion

(d). Economy

  1. Humayun restored his Indian Kingdom with the help of the ruler of.

(a). Persia

(b). Arabia

(c ). Turkey

(d). Kabul

  1. Which one of the following Sult saints refused to meet Sultan Alauddin Khalji?

(a). Barid Ganj-e-shakar

(b). Qutubddin Bakhtiar Kaki

(c ). Nizamuddin Aullya

(d). Moinuddin Chisti

10 Who among the following Gupta rulers faced invasion of Hunas?

(a). Budhagupta

(b). Skandagupta

(c ). Kumaragupta I

(d). Lumaragupta II







5.    (a)

6.    (c )

  1. (a)
  2. (a)
  3. (c )
  4. (c )