Supply the missing words

Directions: Fill on the blanks of the following sentences by using the words given below:

Myself, himself, herself, yourself, ourselves, themselves, itself

  1. Be care full, You’ll hurt—–


  1. The box fell off the table by——–


  1. Radha perform to do all her work—–


  1. I sat by ————– at the bench.


  1. He drives the car———– to office everyday.


  1. The children are now able to take care of ————


  1. The farewell party was greet. The students really enjoyed—————.


  1. He is an architect, so he has designed he, house—————-


  1. We don’t need your advice, we will solve the problem———–


  1. The little bird made the nest—————-





  1. Yourself


  1. Itself


  1. Herself


  1. Myself


  1. Himself


  1. Themselves


  1. Themselves


  1. Himself


  1. Ourselves


  1. Itself