Supply the correct tense of the verbs given in the brackets in the following sentences.

  1. We (go) if we had known.


  1. She would do it if she (can).


  1. They are going to play the match if it (stop) raining.


  1. She would have come sooner if she (know) you were here.


  1. If it (rain), she will get wet.


  1. If Medha (eat) another cake, she will get sick.


  1. Aditya would be taking a great risk if he (invest) his money in that company.


  1. Aditi would be able to help us if she (be) here.


  1. If it (be) convenient, let’s meet at six o’ clock.


  1. You should not have thought it possible unless you (see) it.


  1. If she doesn’t shut the window, we all (die) of cold.


  1. If he were older, he (have) more sense.


  1. I (enjoy) the film better if it had not been so long.


  1. If he had waited, he (find) me.


  1. She should have come yesterday, if she (have) nothing to do.





  1. would have been gone
  2. could
  3. stops
  4. had known
  5. rains
  6. eats
  7. invested
  8. were
  9. is
  10. had seen
  11. we’ll all die
  12. would have
  13. would have enjoyed
  14. would have found
  15. had had